Washer / Dryer Repair

Washers and dryers make it easy and convenient to get the laundry done. They are focal points in the household. Unfortunately, they’re not invincible and can break down. When this happens, you don’t need to worry about doing your laundry by hand. You can call Justin’s Appliance Repair and we’ll do all of the necessary repairs on your laundry appliances.

It is an asset, however, for you to have a basic idea of how your washer and dryer work. You can then carry out any simple and basic repairs yourself. Above all else, make sure that you unplug your machines before doing any work on them.


Common Issues That Your Washer and Dryer Face


Noisy Washer

This is the most common issue that we see with a washing machine. About 27% of our customer base have reported this issue. Washing machines will always produce a little bit of noise. However, any squealing, rattling or thumping are not normal sounds to hear. If you know your machine well enough, then you can connect the sound to the specific internal component it may be coming from. For example, a squealing sound might be connected to a worn belt. A rattle, however, could be traced back to a broken motor pump.


Washer Won’t Start

Seventeen percent of our customers report this issue, so it’s also a pretty common issue. If the washer won’t start, then you need to get the thermal fuses, electronic controls, door latch switches, and timers checked out. If necessary, get them replaced.


Washer Over Fills

One percent of our customer base reports this issue. In this case, you need to check the water inlet valve, water level pressure switch and air dome tube. If necessary, get them serviced and/or repaired.


Dryer Vibrates Excessively

This is a clear sign that the machine is off-balance or not on a level surface. Make sure that the dryer is adjusted or placed on a level surface. If this issue is left unattended, then it will cause damage to the structure of the machine. It may also keep you awake at night!


Clothes Take Longer to Dry Than Usual

If you notice that your clothes are taking a particularly long time to dry or they come out covered in lint, then you need to check the lint filter. If it’s full, then it prevents the hot air from circulating and properly drying your clothes. Clean and empty the filter. If you need to, use rubbing alcohol to clean the moisture sensors. If your dryer is working properly, then it can prevent fires.


Can’t Figure Out What’s Wrong with Your Dryer

If everything seems normal but your dryer is still underperforming, then turn to the owner’s manual. If you don’t have a hard copy, then go online to the manufacturer’s website. The answer might be in plain sight!


If you’ve tried everything and your laundry appliances just won’t work, then call Justin’s Appliance Repair. We will send one of our certified technicians over and we’ll help you pinpoint the issue, at a fair cost.